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  My Samsung Gear 360 review

Looking at 360 degree photos is a novelty and it's great fun to try out. It has a lot going for it. It is very easy to take a photo or video and then play it back on your Samsung phone. It is very portable, you can carry it in your pocket.

Setting it up is very easy. You can use the tripod supplied for it or even a full tripod, a monopod, or selfie stick. You can even do without any of these and let it stand on it's own.

The negatives are many, but these wouldn't stop me having a Gear 360 for now. It's a camera that you can easily have lots of fun with, then maybe lose interest and put it away like all those other cameras and gadgets that only get used once in awhile. You can't focus it, you can't zoom the two lenses on it. It's fairly static as a camera, after setting the menu options nothing to do but press the button to record. There is no flash on it so a problem if it's dark. If there is sunlight streaming from behind your subject you don't have fill-in flash. You will get everything around you in the photo/video, even yourself, you don't get to frame what you want like a normal camera.

It can be quite fiddly to use, especially if you decide to move the camera when making a video. You can choose only one lens with 180 degrees, but moving the camera and holding the mobile to control it in your other hand can be a bit tricky. Usually you only have a camera to control and move about. Here you have the Gear 360 and a mobile phone if you want to see what is being recorded on the mobile phone. You can always press a button on the Gear 360 without using a mobile phone, and play it back later when you have connected the two wirelessly.

It can take time to copy the photo/video from the Gear 360 to your mobile (every minute recorded took just over a minute for me to copy to my S7 edge phone). It will only record to your phone memory and not to your external memory card in the phone. You will need an extra step in moving recordings to your external card/PC/cloud when your phone memory runs low.

It can only be used with certain Samsung mobiles (S6, S6 edge, S6 edge +, Note 5, S7, S7 edge). If you don't have one of these you can't use the Gear 360 with it. Although this can change. Samsung have updated the S2 and S3 watches so that they can be used with iPhones.

The battery charges fairly quickly, but it seems to lose power fairly quickly. I don't find it a problem because I always carry an external charger for my S7 edge and this will also charge the Gear 360 when I'm out and about.

The Samsung Gear 360 has got it's negative points but is still fun. There are all sorts of times when a panoramic view in 360 degree glory would be great to get from this device.

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